Vasco from Portugal (53376) January, February, March

Agriculture | Year of birth: 1998 | Arrival date: 15.01-01.03.18 | Length of stay: 2,5-4 months


I have worked for 5 weeks as a volunteer on an Animal Sanctuary in South Africa last summer. During summer holidays, I usually help on my uncle’s farm.


As I am planning to do a gap year, I want to focus on activities that would be good to my curriculum, as well as new experiences that can provide a new perspective of working life. I expect to gain experience on farm work and contact with animals that would be useful in the future, and also the experience of living in a different country learning the costumes, the culture and the languages of one of the most advanced democracies like Norway.

Personal qualities:

I consider myself to be a very committed and persistent person. I love to work with animals and to live new experiences. I also love to work outside, and to be surrounded by nature.

Additional information:

Smokes: Yes

Vegetarian: No

Driver’s Licence: No

Would accept to stay with other WG: Yes

Would accept to stay with single man: Yes

Would accept to stay with single woman: Yes

English level: Intermediate