Vanessa C. fra Sveits – Ankomst i juni, juli

Agriculture/Tourism | Year of birth: 1997 | Arrival dates: 01.06.2020-15.07.2020 | Lenght of stay: 3 months

I grew up county side but I don’t have a lot of experience. I worked with donkeys for a while (cleaning up, grooming the animals) but during my whole childhood I was a lot outside. I will have the possibility to work at the weekends on a cow farm in Switzerland (February to May 2020) so by the time I will come to Norway I will have some experience. I helped out with gardening at home. For the Tourism work; I worked at reception during my apprenticeship in an office. I had to take phone calls, welcome clients and serve beverages.

I was in Norway in June 2019 and I fell in love with the landscape. For me it’s one of the country where I would like to be not just as a tourist for a while but to work there, to see how people actually live there, how they speak (I just started to learn Norwegian to have at least some basics) and what their culture is like in general. To live abroad is one of my dreams and until now I just found two countries where I could imagine that. Why did I choose to work on a farm? Because I grew up country side and I was always sneaking around the farms and wondering what it’s like to work and live there. When we were hiking I was also fascinated by how it is to work in small cottages and to help serving the people. So long story short I would like to combine the two dreams; working on a farm/cottage and living abroad.

Personal qualities:
I can work hard and I like to be outside. I like to learn new things and I understand quickly. I like working physical but also with the mind.

Additional information:
Smokes: no
Vegetarian: no
Driving license: yes, car
Staying with another WG: yes
Staying with a single woman: yes
Staying with a single man: yes
English level: good