Tim Z. fra Tyskland – Ankomst i mars, april

Agriculture/Tourism | Year of birth: 1997 | Arrival dates: 01.03.2020-15.04 2020 | Lenght of stay: 2 months

As a child and teenager, I used to help my grandparents gardening. They always had dogs, so I early learned to care about them. I grew up in nature, which generated a
strong connection to nature and animals. As a teenager I often helped my grandfather to chop wood. In 2018 I travellded with a group of students to the USA. We had an exchange with the Lenoir – Rhyne University of Hickory (North Caroline). The exchange was about to get a wider knowledge of social entrepreneurship and start up´s in the social- and
healthcaresystem. After this (offical) week in Hickory, three other students and I started a (private) road – trip over Washington and Philadelphia to New York City. After a five – days stay we flew for another week to Miami (Florida).

After my studies I would like to experience something new. I want to travel more, to meet different people with different point of views and lifestyles, to become more open –minded and to reduce (widespread publicly) prejudices. I would like to have my own point of view. I also want to do more physical work (working with animals, for example dogs /
huskeys) to feel like I have done something, where I can see the end – result directly, unlike an office job.

Personal qualities
In my opinion, I am very interested in discovering new stuff, learning new things, regardless of the topic and I´m always ready to rethink my opinion. I´m also a good listener, who wants to find the best solution for everyone. I´m an emapthic person, even with animals. In my opinion I´m suitable for hard physical work.

Additional information
Smokes: no
Vegetarian: no
Driving license: yes, car (AM, B, L)
Staying with another WG: yes
Staying with a single woman: yes
Staying with a single man: yes
English level: good