Serafina (53661) from Austria, June

Agriculture l Year of birth: 2001 l Arrival date: 15.06.18 l Length of stay: 14 weeks


Serafina is currently pursuing her education in Agriculture and Forestry. She did not grow up in a farm but has helped out in her uncle’s farm and dairy farm. She has experience in picking up strawberries and raspberries, harvesting (and processing) of vegetables, caring/milking of cows, cutting the lawn, hedges, fruit trees, farming onion, wheat, excavation, welding, operating and driving of machines and by helping out in a farm shop.



Serafina would like to gain more experience in Norway, as well as learn her culture and way of life.


Personal qualities:

Serafina is a cheerful person. She is a very creative person and one of her interests is decorating new rooms. She is ambitious, independent, open-minded to new cultures and life-styles and has a good understanding of business principles.

Serafina’s empathy for the fate of other third wold countries has driven her to collect money by her singing.  She has also taken tasks which entails leadership and responsibility by being the Class Treasure and leading international projects with Poland, Czechoslovakia and South Tyrol.


Additional information:

Smokes:  No

Vegetarian:  No

Driver’s license:  Yes, B & F (tractor)

Would accept to stay with another WG:  Yes

Would accept to stay with a single man:  Only with kids

Would accept to stay with a single woman:  Yes

English:  Intermediate