Sebastian T, from Austria (53657), July

Agriculture l Year of birth: 1998 l Arrival date: 01.07.18 l Length of stay: 8 weeks


Sebastian’s mother owns 2 hectar grassland and 2 horses. Although Sebastian did not grow up in a farm, he has the ability to perform the tasks in the farm. He would usually help out in the farm of his neighbour. He has taken care of cows (also milking them), horses, chicken and pigs; forestry for 7 years and has used other equipments such as tractor, cable winch, chainsaw, 6 tandem and other equipments for metal works.

During the past 2 summers, he worked at 2 farms that has 70 breeding sows and 300 piglets. During his 4-month-internship at a farm in Austria, he cleaned stables, fed animals such as pigs, chicken, horses, cats and dogs, worked in the forest and helped in the apple garden where he picked apples and made cider and liquor.

Aside from Agriculture, he has also experience in a small restaurant of a farm where he, not only learned how to cook and serve, he was also taught the techniques of direct marketing.

Sebastian finished his 3-year-Agriculture-degree, 1 year-locksmith/metal worker-degree and is expected to get his degree in Higher Level Agriculture by 2019.  After his school, he plans on traveling to Canada to get more experience and to travel to the world for a year or to further study in  Forestry and Hunting and either to get a job in Austria or to run his own farm and start direct marketing.



Sebastian chose Norway with the advise of his parents and his parents’ family. He would also like to discover Norway’s culture and her way of life. Last July 2017, while he was a student of an international college in Austria, he lived with a host family in Bournemouth, England to practice his English. This is also one of the reasons why he would like to travel to Norway – to improve his English skills and to learn other methods and techniques in agriculture.


Personal qualities:

Sebastian is a trained agriculturist and metal worker. It is for this reason that he considers himself to be a hard-working and trustworthy person. Others see him as a people-person, enjoys meeting new people, independent and diligent. He is also active in his community where he is a member of their village’s Fire Brigade.

Sebastian is an outgoing person. He loves outdoor sports such as skiing, snowboarding hiking, boulder climbing and hunting.


Additional Information:

Smokes:  No

Vegetarian:  No

Driver’s License:  Yes, for car and tractor

Would accept to stay with another WG:  Yes

Would accept to stay with a single man:  Yes

Would accept to stay with a single woman:  Yes

English:  Advance