Sebastian S, from Austria (53642) June, July

Agriculture l Year of birth: 27 April 2001 l Date of arrival: 15 June, 01 July, 15 July l Length of stay: 14 weeks


Sebastian is still pursuing his education in Agriculture. He has finished his Forestry course last October and has gained a lot of experience (from taking care of cows, forestry and driving the tractor) from his last internship in a dairy farm.



Sebastian would like to get more knowledge on how farming is being done in Norway. This will be his chance to get to know about the life and culture of Norway.  Enhancing his English skills is also one of the reasons why he would like to travel in abroad.



Sebastian is an energetic person, open-minded, helpful, ambitious and resourceful. He loves fishing and he does this 4x a month during summer and spring. After finishing his degree in Agriculture and join the military training, he would like to further his studies in Biology.


Additional Information: 

Smokes:  No

Vegetarian:  No

Driver’s License:  Yes, tractor

Would accept to stay with another WG:  Yes

Would accept invitation from a single man:  Yes

Would accept invitation from a single woman:  Yes

English:  Intermediate