Robert F, from Austria (53641) June, July

Agriculture l Year of birth: 2001 l Date of arrival: 15 June 2018, 01 July, 15 July l Length of stay: 14 weeks


Robert’s experience in the farm of his parents makes him confident of applying for internship in Norway. Their farm has 30 mother cows and 250 laying hens. He drives the tractor and has experience in handling the chainsaw, mowing and haying the grass.  He has also 8 years experience in caring for cows and chicken.



He is currently going to a school for Agriculture where he is required to have at least 14 hours of training. He would aslo like to come to Norway to see the differences of farming methods and techniques between Norway and Austria. Although he can communicate well in English, he would like to enhance his English skills while in abroad. His goal is to raise a family and run his parents’ farm.



Robert is a person with self-confidence and his ability to stand on his own is remarkable. He is ambitious and hardworking and can tackle pressure with composure. He has also excellent communication skills. When he was younger, he was the class Speaker and Jungshar leader in the Catholic church.  He loves to play the table tennis, football and a member of the local Fire Brigade in Eidenberg. He enjoys being with his friends, as well, and going to cinemas with them.


Additional information:

Smokes:  No

Vegetarian:  No

Driver’s License:  Yes, category F

Would accept invitation from another Working Guest:  Yes

Would accept to stay with single mom:  Only with children

Would accept to stay with single dad:  Only with children

English:  Intermediate