Marie G. from Germany (54450)

Born: 2001 | Start date: September, October | Length of stay: 10 months | Preferred area: Big city, town | Driving license: Yes | Age group: 4-10


For two years now I have been giving private lessons to a ten-year-old girl who has problems in math. We do her homework and prepare for her exams together. Sometimes I also babysit a two-year old girl which includes eating dinner, reading, playing and changing nappies, bath time and bed time. Finally, I have already taken part in church projects with children’s groups in the age of five to eleven. We dealt with a Bible story, did handicrafts and played outside.


I want to spend time with children and get an insight into the Norwegian way of living through their eyes. I want to be creative, to take responsibilities and to broaden my horizon. It is important to me to gain new experience and to become more mature in the intercourse with others.


What I love is travelling. With my family I have already been to a couple of European countries. I also love speaking other languages, because it gives you access to different cultures. In my free time I bake or cook a lot, I do sports like running or swimming and I like reading books or spending time with my best friends.

Additional information:
Smokes: No
Dietary restrictions: None
Would stay with single mother: Yes
Would stay with single dad: No
English level: Good