Maria C. fra Portugal (54378) Ankomst i april, mai

Tourism, agriculture | Year of birth: 1998 | Arrival date: 01.04-15.04.19 | Length of stay: 4 months | Placed with Laura L. (54379)


I worked 1 year in a veterinary clinic, so I have experience working and taking care of animals. I have a farm so when I was little we had some animals, like horses, donkey, ponies, goats, sheeps and pigs, so I’m familiarly with working with big and small animals. My dad is Veterinary, so since I was a child I have much experience with animals, helping in procediments, surgeries and others.

In tourism- my family has a small business renting house for the holidays, and I always help management the house, cleaning and doing the reception of the guest. In my course of Hospitality Operations Management, we had 2 internships. One was in a small hotel, and it was 140 hours, working in different areas, as housekeeping, reception and in the restaurant serving clients. The other internship was two months in the summer, this one we could choose the hotel that we want to do the internship. I choose a big hotel in the south of Portugal, where I could work in 2 areas. I worked for 1 month and 1 week in administration and human resources, and 1 month in the reception of the hotel.


I always wanted to work abroad, and when I found the different programs, I knew it that I had to do one. It was the combination of my dream of working abroad with the area that I was studying (Hospitality), so I decided I need to join one of the many programs.

I conclude that Norway would be the best experience for me, because it could give a new opportunity to get to know a new country and a new culture, but at the same time I could get to know different types of tourism and hospitality.

Personal qualities:

I’m a very practical and proactive person, if I see that something is necessary I’m always the first in line to do it. I’m very adaptable to new scenarios and new problems, always trying to give a solution instead of a problem.

I’m a responsible person since I was a child, and that gave me a new way to do stuff, always thinking about what’s important and to make priorities in life. I’m a creative person and I always like to put my personal touch in things especially if I see that I could help make things better in different situations.

Additional information:

Smokes: No
Vegetarian: No
Driver’s Licence: Yes, for car
Would accept to stay with other WG: Yes
Would accept to stay with single man: Yes
Would accept to stay with single woman: Yes
English level: Good