Lukas from Germany (53698) July, August

Agriculture | Year of birth: 1996 | Arrival date: 01.07-15.08.18 | Length of stay: 4-6 months


Lukas has been gaining experience in agriculture from childhood on and spent a lot of time on farms in the German Alps during his holidays. Furthermore he has good crafting skills (especially woodwork) and is currently working as a technician. He also helps his family with their gardening as often as he can and assists a friend in his winery.


After a trip to Norway last year Lukas has become very motivated and enthusiastic about an opportunity to learn more about the people and their mentality, the culture and especially the working life. Lukas loves to work outside and he thinks there could be no better way for him to make a very special and incomparable experience. Lukas wants to challenge himself and gain some new experiences for his future professional life.

Personal qualities:

Lukas describes himself as diligent, reliable, and adaptable to new situations. He likes to work outside and can adapt to a new lifestyle quickly. Furthermore he has good crafting skills and a «hands-on» mentality. He also describes himself as friendly, open-minded and always looking for new challenges.

Additional information:

Smokes: No

Vegetarian: No

Driver’s Licence: Yes, for car

Would accept to stay with other WG: Yes

Would accept to stay with single man: Yes

Would accept to stay with single woman: Yes

English level: Intermediate