Laura S. from Germany (54312)

Born: 1999 | Start date: March | Length of stay: 8-12 months | Preferred area: No preference | Driving license: Yes | Age group: 4-10


I gained experience with children when I worked in a Primary School, where I helped pupils of seven or eight years during the lessons. In the day care I supervised them and played with them. On some occasions I accompanied the pupils at excursions.

Additionally I gained very much experience with my younger brother, who was born with a disability, and I did a childcare job for a nine-year-old girl.


I want to become an au pair, because it enables me to make new experiences in a foreign country as well as to work with children, which inspires me a lot. As I am quite fascinated of Norway, its nature, language and lifestyle, it was easy to decide for it as the host country.


I love to read – especially detective novels, thrillers and classics in German or English. Additionally I like sewing (clothing, bags and the like) and photography. I often use the bicycle to get to friends, to go shopping or just for fun and I enjoy to go on hiking tours.

Additional information:
Smokes: No
Dietary restrictions: None
Would stay with single mother: Yes
Would stay with single dad: Yes
English level: Good (B2/C1 of CEFRL)