Klara P (53630) from Austria, June

Agriculture l Year of birth: 21 June 2001 l Date of arrival: 21 June 2018 l Length of stay: 14 weeks


Klara loves the life that she grew up with – a life with 60 cows/calves. Whenever she has free time, she would often help his father in the farm. Her mother takes care of their Bread and Breakfast where she would also assist her in the preparation of the food and the cleaning up.

In 2017, Klara attended a month’s training where she worked with a family and was asked to take over the wife’s responsibilities, i.e., to feed the cows and the same time taking care of the four children.

Klara is currently pursuing her education in higher technical college for Agriculture and Food Science. In the future, she plans to land in a job in the farm.



Klara is grateful that travelling to another country, like Norway, would give her the chance to learn about new things: Norway, being a new country for her, its language and culture. She would also like to further her knowledge in agriculture, animal husbandry and household/ farm management. She is optimistic that her stay would open new arenas where she can develop her skills.



Klara is an excellent communicator, hard-working patient, independent and a reliable person. She enjoys her time with her family and the animals that they care for. She loves nature, reading, skiing and playing volleyball.


Additional information:

Smokes:  No

Vegetarian:  No

Driver’s license:  Yes, tractor

Would accept to stay with another WG:  Yes

Would accept to stay with a single man: Yes

Would accept to stay with a single woman:  Yes

English: Advanced