Kim from Germany (53944)

Born: 1999 | Start date: August 2018 | Length of stay: 6 - 11 months | Preferred area: No preference | Driving license: Yes | Age group: 0-10


I’ve done an internship in a Kindergarten as well as in an elementary school. I do combine my passion of music with children by giving recorder and clarinet classes to children age 5-9.
Once a year I am part of a Project called «KiBiWo» in which me and a friend of mine do spend 5 hours a day with a group of 10-14 children for one week in our Holidays. We take care of them, handicraft, go outside, sing with them and educate them (the average age of our group does Change every year).
In my theatre group I am responsible of braiding hair, help changing costumes, take care of some children when their parents are on stage.
In my family there are six children (age between 3 and 7) who I babysitt sometimes.

By reading the experiences I already do have with children you may have found out that I realy love working with children as well. When I was younger we’ve always had younger foster childs, which already leaded me to work with children at a young age. I have a quite bubbly and open personality and love to meet new people. Because of my creativity and curiousity I love to try out new things. I grew up in a quite rural area, so I’ve spend a lot of time outside in the forests and in the nature playing and hiking,, so I already decided to visit a scandinavian country after finishing my A-Levels a few years ago. Au-pair in Norway is a perfect way for me to Combine my passion of taking care of children with my love of nature and my desire to travel.

Theatre is the hobby which takes up most of my time. It combines my passion to sing (even if I’m not a good singer at all), dance, act and organize. Listening and making music is a passion of mine as well (mostly playing the clarinet and saxophone – sadly rarely the piano – plus teaching the recorder to a group of children in the orchestra I play in). When i do have some freetime, which rarely happens in my busy schedule, i love to paint, draw,  and do some kind of creative stuff. My way to relax and take a break is to read a lot of books.

Additional information:
Smokes: No
Dietary restrictions: Vegetarian
Would stay with single mother: Yes
Would stay with single dad: No
English level: Good