Katja A. from Germany

Born: 2000 | Start date: October-December| Lenght of stay: 8-10 months | Preferred area: Town, village, rural | Driving license: Yes | Age group: 2-12 years


I worked voluntary in my sports club for 3 years. I teached children especially in playing handball, but also mobility, balance and other different sports.


I want to meet new people, learn more about a new country l’ve never been to and maybe I can learn a new language. l’m excited about new experiences and I think an Au-Pair is perfect to learn to improvise, to act independently and get to know an other culture and their lifestyle.


Handball. l’m interested in every kind of sport. I love to take photos (natura, friends, animals, .. )

Additional information:

Smokes: no
Dietary restrictions: no
Would stay with single mother: yes
Would stay with single father: yes
English level: good/fair