Karoline jobbet på skole i Akim Akroso i Ghana.

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It’s nice to be nice and there is no hurry in life

This is written on the outside wall outside my room here and in short it seems to sum up the Ghanaien attitude pretty well. I have now lived with my host family in the village of Akim Akroso for two weeks and there is a hundred things I want to write about! However, this keyboard is so stiff and makes typing very slow and it about drives me crazy.

I don’t know where to start, but I guess I could start telling a little about my and Anna’s host family. The family relations are very complicated, it took me and Anna more than a week to figure out who is biologically related with who. Our host dad Isaac is 72 years old, has two wifes, and has, as his grandson told us, «too many children too be counted!» He is extraordinary healthy for being 72 years and he seems to always be in a good mood. Our host mom Emma is very nice, and her children are Akos (21), Saakwa (18) and Kofi (15). Also, Isaac(18), our host dad’s grand son, are living here because his mom died in December, and there is a girl whose name I can’t spell, who also lives with the family even though she is not related to any of the others. There are several people renting in the compound house that we are living in, so all together there is more than 15 people sharing the same yard. When I write «house» you must not mistake it with a western idea of house. None of the room are connected with each others, and there is no real kitchen. All the food is cooked outside on a coal pot. They mash certain vegetables with a Big stick, and sweep the floors with a bundle of straw. And in the middle of this Kofi’s cell phone rings and Sean Kingston is to be heard! It’s awesome!