Karolina L. from Germany (54296)

Born: 2000 | Start date: August 2019 | Length of stay: 8-10 months | Preferred area: Big city, town | Driving license: Yes | Age group: 4-16


In my freetime I do babysitting for two different familys. I play with the children in the afternoon, help with homework, prepare dinner, eat with them and put them to bed. Moreover I have a younger brother (14), some younger relatives in my family and did a first aid course and an internship in a primary school , so I already have much experience with children. I also did language trips to France where I lived in a host family and to Malta, where I learned a lot about living abroad.


I want to live and work in another country to make important and valuable experiences. Furthermore I really love to spend time with children and want to improve my English skills. I choose Norway because I love the nature there, the cozy and peaceful-looking towns and cities, the food and especially the mentality of the people. It is my belief that Norway is an advanced country where I could learn a lot and spend a great time.


In my freetime I love to spend time with my family and friends. We do sports together like dancing, hiking, jogging or doing cultural activities like going to the theatre or a ballet. I have also played the flute for nine years and was a member of the youth symphony orchestra of my hometown. Now I am learning to play the Cello. Furthermore I love reading and travelling.

Additional information:
Smokes: No
Dietary restrictions: None
Would stay with single mother: Yes
Would stay with single dad: No
English level: B2