Julian S. fra Tyskland – Ankomst i april, mai

Agriculture | Year of Birth: 2001 | Arrival: 01.04 - 15.05.2020 | Lenght of stay: 4 months

My grandfather taught me different craft skills, so I have lots of manual and mechanical skills. I use them when I lay the flooring in our house, paint my uncles garden house and conservatory, harvest vegetables like potatoes, beans, salad, zucchini, carrots, … or built a small toilet house out of wood with a friend.
When I was younger, I helped a farmer in my neighborhood milking and feeding the cows or working on the field every evening and weekend.
At last, I take care of my uncles’ dog during holidays, feed him and walk him through the local forests.

Since I spent five weeks in Ireland on an exchange, I always wanted to do something similar again, but this time longer and in another country. Visiting Norway, especially the beautiful landscape, excites me. I would love to stay with your family to get to know you, find out how you live, spend time with you and to learn your language. Working on a farm would be awesome. It does not matter which kind of farm it is. I love working outside, no matter how the weather is, in the nature or with animals.

Personal qualities
I am very open minded, calm, patient and always open for new things, people and culture. I have been studying English at school for 8 years and am willing to learn your language, so communication will not be too difficult.

Additional information:

Smokes: no
Vegetarian: no
Driving license: yes, car
Staying with another WG: yes
Staying with a single woman: yes
Staying with a single man: yes
English level: good