Jonatan fra Østerrike – ankomst i juni

Agriculture | Year of birth: 2002 | Arrival: 15.06 - 01.07.20 | Lenght of stay: 14 weeks


Jonatan has grown up on a farm 1000m above the sea-level. His family has an organic farm with 20 cows and 60 hectares (half of it is forest).  The also has apartments for tourists. He attends a higher agricultural school where he also has many practical lessons. Jonatan has already done an international internship last year. He has been in Germany for 6 weeks.


Jonatan is fascinated by the Norwegian landscape. He wants to learn more about agriculture in Norway and see new working methods. He is most interested in cattle breeding. He is interested in the nature but also the culture.

Personal qualities:

Jonatan knows what it means to stay away from home and what it means to work on a farm. He can work independently and has enough practical experience to help on your farm. His teacher says that he is flexible and willing to work (also under pressure).

Additional information:

Smokes: No
Vegetarian: No
Driving license: Yes, car and small tractor
Staying with another WG: Yes
Staying with a single woman: No
Staying with a single man: No
English level: Good