Isabel fra Portugal (53827) Ankomst i oktober og november

Tourism | Year of birth: 1995 | Arrival date: 01.10. - 01.11.18 | Length of stay: 6 months


Internship in 2017 as a receptionist in a Hostel and in a Bike Rental.
Worked as a sales assistant and cashier in Decathlon and Woman’s Secret.


Work and live abroad. She wants to gain more experience in her field of studies, as well as in her personal life with plans in the future to do a Master in Tourism, related to Sustainable Tourism.

Personal qualities:

Committed and very focused on what is important and has a keen interest in meeting people and different places. She is timely and always ready to learn new things and try to do always the best in everything.

Additional information:

Smokes: No
Vegetarian: Yes
Driver’s Licence: Yes
Would accept to stay with other WG: Yes
Would accept to stay with single man: No
Would accept to stay with single woman: No
English level: Good