Ieva G. from Lithuania- would like to go with Ricardas S.

Agriculture | Year of birth: 1996 | Arrival date: ASAP | Length of stay: 4-5 months


I was working in a vegetable factory. I was a grader operator and my main work was to grade a potatoes. Picking out bad vegetables and taking it out according shops requirements. Sometimes we were offered to go to work on fields. The main tasks in fields were to cut and load leeks and cauliflowers. I have work experience in my own garden too: picking gooseberries, currants, pears and apples. In my own kitchen-garden planting, wedding, watering and picking up tomatoes, cucumbers, marjoram, basil, flowers.


To gain my knowledge from work that is directly related to my studies. I think this work experience will be useful for highlighting the differences and similarities in diverse country farms for comparing them. I think that opportunity to know better new culture, traditions, work particularities and people from different countries will extend my horizon too. I hope to learn something new from this program. For example how people work in others countries, what technologies and equipment they use to achieve productivity and how to get the best result. Also expand my knowledge that will be useful to my studies.

Personal qualities:

I always work my hardest. I have great time management skills and always finish a task on time and I am able to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis.

Additional information:

  • Smokes: No
  • Vegetarian: No
  • Driver’s Licence: Yes, B.
  • Would accept to stay with other WG: Yes (with my boyfriend).
  • Would accept to stay with single man: No
  • Would accept to stay with single woman: No
  • English level: Good