Franziska from Germany (53650) March, April

Agriculture | Year of birth: 1996 | Arrival date: 01.03-15.04.18 | Length of stay: 3 months


Franziska has experience with gardening work because she helps her parents in their garden at home on a regular basis with different tasks e.g. cutting the hedge or watering plants. In addition, she spent a holiday on a farm when being younger where she used to help every day with the cows. Besides Franziska is used to work in the house, keep the house clean and cook or bake for her family.


After her graduation Franziska wanted to do something new and exciting, so she decided to do a farm programme from Stepin. Franziska sees this as an opportunity to become more independent, get to know the farm life in Norway and learn something new about a different culture and country.

Personal qualities:

Franziska would describe herself as a very open, friendly, reliable and hardworking person who loves to learn new things as she thinks that this is how we grow. Having two sisters, Franziska knows organisation and communication is the key pillar of a functioning household.

Additional information:

Smokes: No

Vegetarian: No

Driver’s Licence: Yes

Would accept to stay with other WG: Yes

Would accept to stay with single man: No

Would accept to stay with single woman: Yes

English level: Intermediate