Fabian fra Tyskland (54685) Ankomst i oktober, november

Agriculture and childcare | Year of birth: 2001 | Arrival date: 01.10 - 15.11.2019 | Length of stay: 6 months


I work voluntary with children in the age between six and 13 years since 2015. As my grandfather and godparent work as farmers, I have experience in the work with farm animals, especially pigs, cows, goats. My family cares for a big garden with more than 20 different types of vegetables and fruit in summer, so I’m supporting them since more than eleven years.


I have the privilege to get as much experience as possible after school, so why I shouldn’t take this possibility if it may be useful for the rest of my life. Since I visited it Norway in 2015, I’d like to know more about the Norwegian culture and traditions, so I started to learn the language and want to improve it. I always loved to work with animals and to stay outside to enjoy the nature or to work there.

Personal qualities:

Next to my experience in childcare and garden & farm work, I can rapidly get excited about work, even if there are hard tasks, as I’m eager for always learning something new so I can do my work reliable, which I have as a claim of myself. Also, I’m always motivated and eager to do my work efficiently and to finish it on time. In my spare time as well, it’s enormously important for me to undertake something with other people or to lead nice conversations to get good relationships.

Additional information:

Smokes: No
Vegetarian: No
Driver’s Licence: No, but in progress
Would accept to stay with other WG: Yes
Would accept to stay with single man: Only with children
Would accept to stay with single woman: Only with children
English level: Good