Many young people have enjoyed being a working guest in Norway. We are happy to share the experiences of some of them!

I’m a lucky person, because I had an accommodation with some of the friendliest, most generous people living in Norway. We did free time activities together and staying with my Guest family enriched my stay in Norway enormously.

– Joschka from Czech Republic, 2019

I highly recommend this program to people, who want to experience life on a farm and learn something about Norwegian culture. It was also great to step out of my comfort zone and explore new places. I had a great summer, met really nice people and I will miss Norway!

– Marketa from Czech Republic, 2019

I spent amazing five months in Norway, during which I learned a lot not only about farming and machines, but also about the culture of Scandinavia, Norwegian traditions and the Nordic culture. Additionally, I got to know myself and my strengths better, became independent and more mature. My farm stay was an amazing experience, which I will always look back to with a huge smile on my face. I got to know and love Norway better than I’d ever thought.

– Carolin from Switzerland, 2019

It was great. I lived with the host family and the other working guests in one house. The girls shared one room as well as the boys. We had breakfast and dinner together everyday. In the evenings we watched a series. The working hours varied as the tasks. For example morning cow house – break- forest work.

We all were treated as a part of the family. I always felt very welcome here.

– Sonja from Germany, 2019

My regular tasks were taking care of the cattles, feeding them and cleaning the barn. Also to help in the kitchen, tidy and clean the house and a little bit of everything. The relation to my host family is very good, during my stay we got very close and we always had a very good communication about everything. I really liked their house and my room, I can’t complain. The working hours were not always as in the contract, but I expected it to be like this because the work on a farm always varies depending on the season and the weather.

– Flora from Germany, 2019

My relation to the host family was very nice. It’s a beautiful farm and I did a lot of different jobs during my stay. The host family saw me as a part of their family and we did some nice outdoor activities together, like fishing. In addition I learned a lot about the local culture. At all it was a very relaxing and harmonic atmosphere. As a working guest I will give my host family the highest recommmendations.

– Lukas from Germany, 2018

I took this job to explore new things and explore I definitely did. I am grateful for any new skill I can learn and I learned to milk, produce sour cream and how to take care of animals. Absolutely worth it!

I had overall great time here and would totally recommend it to other people. Not only was this great experience regarding work, but I also found myself as a member of another family.

– David from Czech Republic, 2018

We had very much fun together and the family cared very good for us. I had to work 5 days a week and had 2 days a week free. On my working days I usually had to work for four hours in the morning and for three hours in the evening. Sometimes the work took longer and sometimes less, depending on the day. All in all I really enjoyed the wonderful stay on the farm with the family. They are very nice people and especially the fact, that I lived together with other working guests in my age was great.

I think Atlantis exchange programmes are a great opportunity to travel to another country without spending a lot of money. Moreover it is perfect to meet new people and to do some other work than at home. I had a wonderful time in Norway and I am very grateful, that there is an organisation like Atlantis.

– Hannah from Germany, 2018

To summarize, I learned so many new things during work, and in my opinion I will profite from all those new learned things in my future, as for exemple for my studies. But you will definitly profit from the new (working) experinences too, if you don’t plan to study/work in the area of agriculture/forestry.

Without hesitation, I would again take part and do the working guest program by my host mother. She welcomes her working guest so friendly and she still becomes visits from former working guests several times a year. For me, she became my «norwegian mother» and I am so thankful for all the things she learned me.

– Isabell from Germany, 2017

My staying in Norway was amazing. Everything was very good: beautiful accomodation, friendly communication, nice work.

– Barbora from Czech Republic, 2017

I stayed in a small cabin, which I had only for myself, which was great. I usually cleaned the hostel after breakfast and after lunch I helped with some cooking or what was needed. In the evening I had mainly time for myself. The host family was great to me for the whole time.  They took me for some trips and visit their relatives, so I had a very good time here. Thanks to them, it was amazing summer and I am very glad, that I came here.

– Petra from Czeck Republic, 2017

I felt really comfortable and welcomed in the family. The communication was not always easy but now I learnt little norsk. But everyone was always patient and take time communicating and now I know that sometimes even no words are needed. My working hours were little irregular. But I could sleep long enough – very good for me. And I had enough freetime. I was able to join the family e.g. to confirmation or trips to nearby cities. And I was never lonely because in the house always something was going on and I was included.

– Friederike from Germany, 2017

The host family treated me like one of their own, I couldn’t be more satisfied with my stay in Norway.

– Ismael from Portugal, 2017

I met a very nice and great norwegian family. I felt like their daughter becouse they were so kind and helpfull. I think I still will be in touch with this family. I had a very great and big room for myself. It is the best experience in my life ever.

– Teresa from Czech Republic, 2017

I needed help about some problems I had and the service was wonderful. They were very kind and did a wonderful work. It’s a really good servive and the people working there really cares about the working guests.

– Marta from Spain, 2016

I also want to thank you and Atlantis for making the last 5 months possible, and for all the help and support I got from you! Also, the summer gathering was great, I really enjoyed the possibility to visit Oslo 🙂 Please stay as you are, because you are doing a great job!! I always felt that if I got any problems, you would do your best to help me (even if I didn’t have any problems with my amazing hostfamily). My time in Norway was incredibly awesome and I will definetely never forget it!

– Saskia from Germany, 2016

About my everyday life, I wake up around 7/7.30am, have breakfast with the host, and then start the morning routine with feeding the sheeping and taking care of them. After we have a little lunch and in the afternoon we do a little of what is there to be done, a little gardening, a little fixing, whatever is needed. Before dinner sometimes i go for a little trip around the island or a little hiking or cycling. The shearing has passed, it was a very good experience since I’ve never been a part of it. Now it’s the time of the lambing, it has been very exciting to watch and learn how it’s done and even help when needed. (…) So far so good, a little homesick after a couple of weeks but now just perfect! As I said before, it exceeded all my expectations in a good way!

– Vasco from Portugal, 2016

It is very nice here in Norway, and my host family is really friendly. I have already made a lot of new experiences. I also made a nice trip into the mountain with my host family, and our communication is getting better from day to day cause now i am used in the accent of the Norwegians. The food is also very good and it is close to the food i know from Germany. So i am very satisfied here in Norway!

– Peter from Germany, 2016

Everything is fine. I think I’m adjusted perfectly with my new home, things are very different from Spain but the host family is being very nice to me and they are very flexible with me. I’m very happy, and every day is very exciting. My host family is very interested in me and my country, so it’s very easy to talk with them about different matters. The work is hard, but interesting. I have tasted some Norwegian food, but I don’t remember their names, but I tasted fish, meat, potatoes… I can say that I like norwegian food. And I’m trying to learn some Norwegian, but it’s a little difficult to do because I have so many things to do everyday! But, my first Norwegian word was appelsinjuice

– Marta from Spain, 2016

My guest family/father is nice and this other german guy, who is here is also very friendly. My daily routine is standing up in the morning at 6am and then go milking the cows. After that we have all together breakfast and then everyone is doing their own business. I’m often working again at 1pm and then there is dinner at 4pm. After that you can do your own thing until 5pm, then we’re going to the cows again to milk, clean and feed.

The communication with my family is very goog. My guest father speaks englisch much better than me. But I will get better i think after these 3 Months. I am happy that I decided to come here and I think I will have a good time here.

– Josephine from Germany, 2016

I am doing great! Some things are different, but it is not a problem for me. I love it here! My family is awesome, so nice and helpful! I already made some trips around and I am planing much more. The nature is so beautiful! What is very strange for me is your language. I can not even repeat what i just heard. It is very hard for me but i want to learn some words for sure.

My daily routine looks like this. At 7:20 I am awaken. At 8:00 I am in the barn and feeding and grooming cows and calves. It is a very lovely job. Then I am helping with building fences, cutting grass or some other things that have to be done around the farm. Nothing too hard so far. At 13:30 there is another feeding and grooming. At 16:15 there is always a warm dinner. The food here is soooo goooood!! Love every meal so far here! After dinner, there is not much to do, i always rest myself or I go for a walk. At 19:30 there is an evening feeding and grooming and after it I always call it a night early.

–  Tomas from Czeck republic, 2016

I can take a free day whenever I want to, so it is great! I already been on a Bitihorn and spend a solstice night on a Rundemellen when i take a foto of sun set and next sun raise. It was unforgettable moment!

It took me some time to get used to the bright daylight during the night, but it’s getting better every night!  Moreover the I like my family very much and it starts that I feel like home here in Norway! Of course I miss my family and friends a little bit but at I enjoy my time here and looking also forward to come home, so there are just nice things which await me in the future!

So about my everyday life: During the working week I always do the cowhouse in the morning and the evening and in the time between there are very different things we do/work….some days are more exhausting than others but all in all it fits good to the internship I was searching for! And on the weekends I never get bored because we always are out to do something and have fun, like fishing, hiking and so on. During the working week the family often don’t cook something, they prefer to eat bread everyday, I don’t like this so very much but it is also something I get used to, the family also asks me if they should buy me things I like to eat – I think that’s kind!

I have a lot of fun with their daughters which are the same age as me and there is also a neighbour girl who is always here! Moreover a second working guest from Austria will arrive here at the same farm – I’m also very excited to meet her!

– Anna from Austria, 2016

Thank you very much for everything! I was glad to do my practical training at one of the nicest places in Norway! I would recommend such experience to everyone. I will definitely come back to my hosts – visit and work – but when I’m working there again, then I will stay there for more than 4 months.

– Michelle from Austria, Working Guest in tourism 2014

I am really enjoying my time so far, and I have to admit that I am not even near to being homesick. Every working day starts at 8 o’clock and ends – after lunch break at 12 – at around 4 p.m., though we often stop a bit earlier. My task, the picking of fruit, is not that difficult. The only thing that disturbed a bit this week is the weather, but you get used to it. Naturally, I like the weekends the most. On Saturday there is enough time to relax and on Sunday we usually go sightseeing.

I love Norwegian food and try to experience as much of its culture as I can. And it’s working out great so far. This trip has already improved my knowledge about Norwegian language. I tried to learn it a bit before I came to this country, and after the last three weeks I got a lot better in understanding and – hopefully – speaking it. So all in all I couldn’t be happier in the moment.

– Verena from Germany, Working Guest in agriculture 2014

Ahhh Norway is more awesome than I would have ever expected! My family here is even more awesome and I never want to go back to Germany. Maybe I dont have to because I want to study in Tromsø and I still prepare for this.

The work on the farm is very nice. Sometimes it would be nice if I could be a bit stronger and my hands wouldn’t be as soft as they are now, but I think I will get used to it. My English and my norsk are getting better day by day but the norsk needs a bit more time. I try to find some friends up here, but its more difficult than i would have expected. But I can survive some weeks more without people in my age, but I can never live again without fiskekake or staburr-Makrell. I fell completly in love with Norwegian food.

I cant discribe the feeling to be here. Even in German i couldn’t. It feels just «free». Go hiking without trails, the sea, the mountains, wild moose and raindeer and eagles, the people, and just everything i ever wanted to do. Aaahhh! 😀

– Victoria from Germany, Working Guest in agriculture 2014

The first weeks I felt lost between employee and family member, but the family welcomed me with great naturality as a family member. I learned Norwegian as fast as possible, and the family helped me with that. I visited the theatre, concerts, 17 Mai and read Norwegian folk story and Ibsen etc, the language opened me great many opportunities.

– Mirjam from Switzerland, Working Guest in agriculture 2014

I think it was a great service. I could not be more happier with Atlantis about the people that I met and the people that I have worked with in Norway, as well as the place that I worked. And work with reindeers was the most interesting and exciting work that I did in my life. It was an unforgettable experience.

– Vasco from Portugal, Working Guest in agriculture 2014

I had an amazing time and I learned so much about Norway, cows, life and myself in the last six months. My host family are such sweet people, I would really recommend them to any future working guest! I want to thank Atlantis for all the help with placing and replacing me in September. Actually I fell in love with Norway and I decided that it’s not time to leave yet. Soooo… I got a new job and room in Stavanger until September 🙂 My adventure continuous!

– Karen from the Netherlands, Working Guest in agriculture 2014

Overall, I had a fantastic experience. My hosts were incredible with me, they trusted me and were flexible. They live a stress-free life and i learned a lot from their way of living/thinking. This was definitely a life-changing experience. I liked it so much that I am currently looking for work in Norway!

– Joana from Portugal, Working Guest in agriculture 2013

I was washing cabins and doing house work (cooking, ironing, cleaning…), and sometimes I helped with work on the farm. It was great because I learnt new work and it wasn´t boring, I had many different activities a day. Everything was new for me and I was quite afraid of staying so far from my home, but I am so happy that I decided for Norway, people here are so friendly and nice. I must say thank you, that you offer this service and you helped me to find this family. I was really happy there.

– Veronika from the Czech Republic, Working Guest in tourism/agriculture 2013

I was always invited to stuff which the family did and more than welcome to join them. I enjoyed my stay in total and would say: Everybody who has the chance to take part in such a program should do it (even if he/she just finds out that this kind of work/ stay/ life is not made for him/her). The experience counts!

– Nadine from Germany, Working Guest in agriculture 2013

Because of all the different cultures, it was really fun. Everybody has his own habits and that makes it fun. There was always somebody to talk to, so I made a lot of new friends. I had the time of my life, so hopefully the person after me would also enjoy their stay. The only thing I would say, is that you have to make the party yourself, you have to go away from the hotel to see anything from the country. Don’t expect the manager to take you everywhere. But is more fun to go on a trip with your colleagues, together in the staffcar.

– Marrit from the Netherlands, Working Guest at a hotel (with employees from all over the world) 2013