How was it being a trainee in Norway?

«Me and Mindaugas are very happy to be here. Family and workers, everybody are so nice and warm people, that already in first our day here we felt welcomed. Our work includes everything they are doing with flowers: preparing for planting, planting, setting out bigger plants, packing and other tasks. Work is very easy, so we love to help with packing in overtime, if they need help. We are working 8 hours per day with 45 minutes break. When we have time, we are going shopping firstly for all next week, visiting some near places. We are both very excited being here.»

– Erika from Lithuania, after staying one month at a Norwegian nursery

«The thing which surprised us about Norway was the specific way of life. I will never forget our hosts’ favorite few words: “okay okay no problem” – I think this explains everything… If someone wants to know a different approach to everyday problems, hard but worthwhile agricultural work, see fantastic landscape and meet great people he should go to Norway.»

– Karol and Agnieszka from Poland

«It is said, that Norway has a beautiful nature, and I must say that is really true, moreover. I was completely delighted with its mountains. I came to Norway through the Atlantis partner organization. Atlantis made sure we had the opportunity and choice to meet other trainees to contact with them. The same I can say about my work. I really enjoyed it a lot. In general I have found the people to be more easy going, there is a “less stressed” feel to the country .. It’s a fantastic country».

– Sergii from Ukraine