Au Pair Center

The Caritas Au Pair Center is a service to au pairs and host families in Norway. They offer councelling, advice, legad aid as well as a social platform for meeting other au pairs.

All au pairs and host families participating through Atlantis Exchange are welcome to call us or stop by for advice, tips, councelling or just to talk.

The Au Pair Center will give all au pairs and host families the same opportunity. We believe that good information makes the cultural exchange better! We will encourage all au pairs to visit the Au Pair Center and their social activities.

You will also find information about the au pair scheme, laws and regulations as well as useful tips at their web site, or at their Facebook page.

You can call the Au Pair Center Monday – Friday from 10-15 and Thursday 10-20.

Phone number: 404 28 460 

You are welcome to stop by for personal councelling. Come to Storgata 38 (entrance from Hausmannsgate) in Oslo.

Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday from 10-16 & Thursdays from 10.00–20.00

Check out their facebook page for social updates! You are welcome to bring your friends, meet other au pairs and talk to the volunteers working at the social events.