Emilie fra Østerrike (54700) Ankomst i januar, februar

Agriculture | Year of birth: 2001 | Arrival date: 15.01 - 15.02.2020 | Length of stay: 5-6 months


Unfortunately I do not have any previous experience concerning farm work but I am motivated and determined to be engaged in physical activity and to show effort in the fullest potential. In addition I have been riding horses since 10 years and I have been helping out at the barn several times. Hence I have a knowledge of taking care of animals.


I hope to be able to gain new experience, self-confidence and independence as well as I wish to get to know new people and their culture. Furthermore I would like to improve my English skills and I would appreciate it if I could learn to speak Norwegian as well. Besides, I am genuinely interested in living on a farm and I am fascinated of Norway because of the cool climate, the culture and history as well as the unique landscape.

Personal qualities:

I am generally considered to be orderly, dedicated, considerate as well as creative, flexible and appreciative. If there is a task I honestly enjoy, I work really hard and I am enthusiastic about it. I always try to find a solution for every problem that satisfies every person involved.

Additional information:

Smokes: No
Vegetarian: Yes
Driver’s Licence: No
Would accept to stay with other WG: Yes
Would accept to stay with single man: No
Would accept to stay with single woman: Yes
English level: Good