Elisa S. fra Østerrike, ankomst i juni

Tourism | Year of birth: 2002 | Arrival dates: 01.06.2020-15.06.2020 | Lenght of stay: 13 weeks

Elisa attends a Vocational School for Economies and Tourism since 2017. On the weekends she occasionally helps in a kitchen on festivals. She loves to cook and bake for her family at home. In the practical lessons in school she learns how to cook and serve, prepare tables and so on. She really likes it.

Elisa is highly motivated to life and work abroad. It’s a dream of her to gain international experiences and broaden her horizon. She wants to learn more about the Norwegian culture and improve her English skills during her internship in Norway. She wants to take the great chance to step into a new world and gain lifetime-experiences.

Personal qualities:
Elisa is a very social person, she knows if someone needs help and she enjoys helping. She likes to meet new people and shows interest in different cultures. She already lived abroad two weeks with host families. One week in 2016 in London and one week in 2019 in Dublin. Elisa is well prepared in school lessons and can manage stressful situations.

Additional information:
Smokes: NO
Vegetarian: NO
Driving license: AM (moped)
Staying with another WG: Yes
Staying with a single woman: Yes
Staying with a single man: Only with children
English level: Good