Anna W. from Germany (54418)

Born: 2000 | Start date: August | Length of stay: 12 months | Preferred area: City or suburb | Driving license: Yes | Age group: 2-14


  • 3 Weeks practical training in a kindergarten (In 2015)
  • 2 Weeks practical training in a school and in an afternoon care (For Students after the school) ( In 2018)
  • Since grade 9 I help my friends and other students with their homework ( Private tutoring)
  • Since August 2018 I work as a trainer in my athletic club and train the Kids between 6 and 9 years.


I love working with children. I would like to have a job with children in the future. I would like to use the opportunity as an au-pair to gain further experience.


In my free time I go to athletics, meet friends, bake or cook and read.

Additional information:
Smokes: No
Dietary restrictions: None
Would stay with single mother: Yes
Would stay with single dad: Yes
English level: I have been learning it since the 5th grade ( 9 Years).