Anna E. fra Østerrike – Ankomst i juni

Tourism | Year of birth: 2003 | Arrival dates: 01.06.2020-15.06.2020 | Lenght of stay: 3 months

Since 2017 Anna attends a vocational college for tourism and economic. She is in the 3rd grade of 5 and finishes with the a-level exam. In school she has practical lessons where she learns to cook and serve meals. Anna has already spent one semester in Australia where she attended a college. She loves to cook for her family and likes to try out new things. Actually she attends a sommelier course. In the school restaurant she learned to cook for a big amount of people.

Travel is a great passion of her. Anna wants to improve her cooking skills and learn more about Norwegian specialties. She is motivated to help wherever help is needed. She is excited to learn and see new things.

Personal qualities
She is very active in her free time. She is leader of a catholic youth group, member of the local brass band; therefore she has to be very organized and a good team player. Anna is independent and an extremely competent young woman. She has very good communication skills and is prepared to stay abroad for a longer time.

Additional information:

Smokes: NO
Vegetarian: NO
Driving license: A and B
Staying with another WG: Yes
Staying with a single woman: Yes
Staying with a single man: Only with children
English level: very good