Pavlo from Ukraine (52527)

Year of birth: 1991 | Arrival date: anytime from May 2017 | Length of stay: 6 to 12 months


Pavlo is currently in his second year in his studies in agricultural biotechnology. He has grown up on a farm in Ukraine, where they have cattle, pigs and poultry, and horticultural production. Pavlo has helped his parents since childhood with harvesting of vegetables, fruits and plants, and taking care of the domestic animals. His duties included feeding, grazing, cleaning, looking after their health, handle milking and individual milking machine. Each year they plant crops (barley, wheat, soy, corn) to feed the animals. Pavlo has already completed an internship at an Ukrainian cattle farm, which owns 80 cows and 60 pigs.


Pavlo would like to own his own farm in the future, and wants to gain experience from farming in Norway. He wants to learn about livestock farming, and the technologies that is used. He thinks that to learn more about different equipment and farming machinery, and to get practical experience with this will help him in the future.

Additional information:

Smokes: No

Driver’s Licence: Yes, for car

English level: Upper-intermediate