Ot from Spain (52276) June

Agriculture and Tourism | Year of birth: 1998 | Arrival date: 01.06.-15.06.2017 | Length of stay: 2 months

Ot 52276Experience:

Ot has been working in Norway on a farm with dairy goats, where he has been for 2,5 months. His main work tasks at the farm were feeding, mucking and milking. Ot is a very social guy, and he is now searching for a new placement. He would love to go somewhere where there are other youth, or not too far from a town where he can meet others his age. He would like the opportunity to interact with the Norwegian society and take part in social activities.

He has earlier worked at a poultry farm for one month in Spain, helping in all areas.

Ot loves to cook and help in the kitchen, so he is also open to work in the tourism sector.


Ot  loves a novel writer from Norway, so he is fascinated by Norwegian landscapes and culture. He thinks this year before deciding if he wants to study agriculture or journalism, this experience abroad can help him to make a decision, clear his mind and also get a  better knowledge of the Norwegian culture. He is even interested in learning Norwegian.  It will be great to get international experience. He hopes to work hard and enjoy with the experience.

Personal qualities:

Ot references say he is a good worker, friendly, creative, mature, cooperative and attentive, and intelligent

Additional information:

Smokes: No

Vegetarian: No

Driver’s Licence: No

Other WG ok: Yes

Single man ok: Yes

Single woman ok: Yes

English level: Intermediate