Mira from Germany (52980)

Born: 1999 | Start date: July | Length of stay: 12 months | Preferred area: No preference | Driving license: Yes | Age group: 4 to 12 years

Mostly during the holidays and at the weekends, she looked after her two cousins once removed. She started looking after Niklas (now 11 years old) and Nova (now 9 years old) in 2012. They played together indoors as well as outdoors. Additionally, she also occasionally looked after two boys living next doors, when their parents were not at home. Besides that, she gave private tutoring in mathematics for a teenager for one year. Furthermore, she attended a two-day child care training course.

She wishes to integrate into a Norwegian family through an au-pair stay…

  • to develop a good relationship with my host family
  • to have an exchange in experiences and culture with her host family
  • to become more open-minded
  • to learn Norwegian and prepare for university studies in Norway
  • to grow as a person, to become even more self-reliant and demonstrate responsibility


  • learning foreign languages
  • gathering new experiences
  • tutoring and taking care of children
  • discovering new cultures
  • gaining knowledge about the word and science
  • travelling to and visiting new places
  • music with playing the piano and the clarinet
  • sport with cross country skiing and bikingAdditional information: Smokes: No

    Dietary restrictions: No

    Would stay with single mother: Yes

    Would stay with single dad: No

    English level: Good