Mihaela from Romania/Moldova (53084)

Born: 1998 | Start date: July | Length of stay: 12 months+ | Preferred area: No preference | Driving license: No | Age group: 2 to 14 years old

Mihaela is experience carying for children in different settings, as a babysitter, as a tutor, and as a volunteer for a local childcare center.

Mihaela is very interested to become an au pair as she always liked spending time with children, Drawing, dancing, reading and imagining are just some of creative activities which they could do together in order to know new different cultures and traditions. Mihaela belives Norway is one of the most beautiful places on earth, full of interesting traditions, cultural traits which she would love to discover.

Mihaela is pationate about reading, paiting and learning new languages. She enjoys cooking and baking.

Additional information: 

Smokes: No

Dietary restrictions: No

Would stay with single mother: Yes

Would stay with single dad: Yes

English level: Upper Intermediate

Mihaela has a Romanian passport and therefore does not need a visa to come to Norway