Marie from Germany (52862)

Born: 1998 | Start date: August | Length of stay: 9-12 months | Preferred area: Suburban, rural | Driving license: Yes | Age group: 1 to 12 years old

Marie 52862Experience: 

  1. Kindergarten: (3 weeks) playing a lot outside, crafting and reading books inside. As well as helping them while eating (between 2 and 7 years old.
  2. Kindergarten: (2 weeks) playing with them, bring them to bed, help them with eating (between 5 months and 3 years old)
  3. Children gym, once a week. (Between 1-7 years old). Playing, singing and dance with them. I have done this since the summer 2016.


I want to get to know a new culture, country and host family. Working with children means a lot to me. They  make me happy and we always have fun together. I’m a person who needs a family around, so I decide to become an au pair. I would prefer to work with girls, because my interest and personality fits better with them I think. But I am open for new challenges! I chose Norway because I’m in love with the country and the culture, especially the cold winters and snow.


I’m in general a sporty and creative person! I played field hockey for 13 years, but now I love to dance, do yoga, Pilates and walk outside besides jogging. Cooking and baking are other interests. Sewing, painting or crafting in general is great! Another big interest of mine is a healthy lifestyle, which includes gemstone-jewelry, essential oils or non-toxic cosmetics!

Additional information: 

Smokes: No

Dietary restrictions: I don’t eat meat, but I eat fish

Would stay with single mother: Yes

Would stay with single dad: No

English level: Intermediate