Lina from Germany (53041)

Born: 1998 | Start date: September | Length of stay: 9 months | Preferred area: Big city, town | Driving license: Yes | Age group: No preference


The last three years, I worked as a babysitter for a family with three gorgeous girls in the age of 5, 9 and 11. We always had fun while playing, watching films or even while accomplishing given tasks concerning the household. In 2015, I made a social work placement at the daycare facility „Kinderhaus Eulenspiegel“. For two weeks, I have been able to work with non-disabled and disabled children. During my time at secondary school, I gave extra lessons in Mathematics and German (2012-2014) and I helped my pupils to do their homework. I also worked as a project manager in 2011 at my former school. I looked after students at their lunch break and played with them.


Two years ago, I visited Norway with my family for the first time. I quickly got fascinated by the Norwegian lifestyle. When I had to decide what to do after my graduation, I had the idea to come to Norway and work as an Au pair. Since foreign languages have a special value to me, I want to improve my English skills. But I also want to learn Norwegian, because it is something very different to German and French, the two languages I can already speak. Additionally, I love to look after children and I enjoy playing with them. I also have to godsons named Lenny (4) and Niklas (1).


In my free time, I enjoy making music. I like to sing while playing the keyboard and this is also why I joined the Abitur band of our school this year. If I do not have to learn for school, I like to read, paint or ride my bicycle. I love to spend time with my family and especially with my friends.

Additional information:

Smokes: No

Dietary restrictions: Vegetarian

Would stay with single mother: Yes

Would stay with single dad: No

English level: Intermediate