Laura from Germany (52996)

Born: 1996 | Start date: August | Length of stay: 12-18 months | Preferred area: Big city, suburb, town | Driving license: Yes | Age group: Between 1 and 10 years old


She has completed her  education  as  a  child  care  worker  as  well  as  several  internships  at different  institutions. In January 2017 she works as a child care worker in full time. She already gained experiences  with childcare when she was young, because her older sister is physically handicapped.

Motivation: She  would  like  to  become  an  au  pair,  because  it  is  a  great  opportunity  to  get  to  know another  culture, the  language and the country, and to gain experiences for her independence and character. She decided to go to Norway because she has always wanted to visit the country and the language has always interested her.


Thanks to her dog she is very often in the nature. She likes to do sporting activities like badminton, cycling, inline skating, volleyball and ice skating. In addition, until recently she trained Taekwondo until the 3rd Kup. But she also likes to read a good book in the garden, going out with friends to the cinema, to dance, to go to concerts or to cook together.

Additional information: 

Smokes: No

Dietary restrictions: No

Would stay with single mother: Yes

Would stay with single dad: No

English level: Lower-intermediate