Joy-Naomi from Switzerland (53035) May, June

Agriculture | Year of birth: 1992 | Arrival date: 15.05-15.06.2017 | Length of stay: 2 months

Joy 53035Experience:

Joy has a lot of experiences with animals. She did an apprenticeship for 3 years where she took care of horses, cleaned out their stables, took part in tournaments and worked with another groom. After she finishes her apprenticeship she worked there for another 3 years. Joy has been horse riding for 8 years in total. She also worked for 2 years at a breeding kennel for dogs. Besides that she doesn’t have any other experiences with farm work yet. But she is willing to learn and work hard.


Joy loves to work outside especially with animals and would really like to get to know the farm life in Norway. She wants to get to know new People and learn about Norway’s culture.She enjoys hard work and although she loves animals she would also stay on a farm without animals. She wants to discover Norway’s nature and improve her English skills, maybe even learn some Norwegian.

Personal qualities:

Joy is a hard working and very dependable person. She might be shy and quiet at the beginning, but as soon as she knows someone better she becomes very social and friendly. Also she adapts well to new situations and is open minded. She acts responsible and considerate.

Additional information:

Smokes: No

Vegetarian: Yes

Driver’s Licence: Yes, for car

Would accept to stay with other WG: Yes

Would accept to stay with single man: Yes

Would accept to stay with single woman: Yes

English level: Lower intermediate