Jiri from Czech Republic (51600), September, October

Agriculture | Year of birth: 1994 | Arrival dates: 01.09-01.11 | Length of stay: 4 months

Jiri 51600
Jiri 51600


Jiri has working experience mainly from agriculture farm. He has practical experience with taking care about animals (sheep, pigs, foxes, cows, chickens, etc.), plants and flowers. He could work with shovel, hammer, spade, picker, etc.



Jiri is highly motivated to work on a farm in Norway. He likes travelling and exploring new countries. He would like to improve his English and he want to travel around the world.


Personal qualities:

Jiri is reliable, responsible, easy going, hard-working, helpful and flexible. He also seems to be very trustworthy. He has a communicative English. He is capable of hard work.


Smokes No
Vegetarian No
Driver’s Licence Yes (B,B1)
Other WG ok Yes
Single man ok Yes
Single woman ok Yes
English level 3/3