Jana from Germany (53331)

Born: 1999 | Start date: October | Length of stay: Until August 2018 | Preferred area: No preference | Driving license: In progress | Age group: 1-14 years old


In 2015, she lived in an American boarding school called TASIS in England for half a year. It was a very important experience for her  because there she learned to be even more independent and responsible for herself. Also, she improved her English and made friends for life. In summer 2015, she went on a social project to Peru with one teacher and four other students from TASIS. There they helped in an orphanage house. A school, a farm and a kitchen were part of the orphanage house. They played, tinkered, did excursions like hiking up a mountain with the children. They also taught them in some classes and tried to teach them our mother tongues, English and German. It was one of her most inspiring and unique experiences that she has ever made in her life. She also has experience in babysitting. She took care of the son of her former nanny. Now the boy is almost four years old. Whenever she sees him, he has learned something new and he is so curious about everything. Besides, she babysitted the children from a family friend for two weeks from the morning to the evening – 6 hours per day. The family has twins who are 1,5 years old. Jana played with them, fed and winded them, brought them to bed and cooked for them. They played a lot outside and went also swimming. In the beginning it was a bit exhausting because each of them wanted to have my whole attention but she accustomed the situation very fast. Jana also learned to do the household like cooking and cleaning up while she had to occupy the two cute boys.


The reason why she wants to be an Au Pair is that it is paired with daily things she really likes to do for example cooking and baking. She also loves being around young children. Since she can imagine, she has always peeved her parents that she wants to have another sibling to take care of. She also likes the thought that she will be a part of another family and that she can get to know the different culture better because the family can introduce her to the traditions. Being an Au Pair is one fulfilment of her life dreams. Her childhood is shaped by playing outside and doing longish walks in the nature. She loves being outside and she is fascinated by the beautiful and unique landscape from Norway. She has never been in Norway but family members has been there and their stories convinced her even more that Norway is a beautiful country where she has to live once in my life


She loves to read, sing, meet her friends and doing Yoga. Another hobby is baking and cooking

Additional information:

Smokes: No

Dietary restrictions: Vegetarian

Would stay with single mother: Yes

Would stay with single dad: No

English level: Intermediate