Hannah R from Germany (53019) August

Agriculture | Year of birth: 1994 | Arrival dates: 01.08.-15.08.2017 | Length of stay: 3 months

Hannah R 53019


Since she was a child Hannah has maintained different rodents and birds. After she moved into her own flat when starting an apprentice ship, Hannah got two guinea pigs which she takes care of every day. Moreover, Hannah used to help at an equestrian farm for some years to care for the horses and help the children with riding. Additionally, Hannah helps her mother in the garden with mowing the lawn and rake the grass.


Hannah loves to work with animals and in the nature, therefore she is very motivated to work on a farm in Norway and see how the work is going there. She also wants to live in another country for some months as this will be a aunting experience.

Personal qualities:

Hannah is usually very motivated and interested in new things and new challenges. Because of her education she can work in a team or on her own and to work under pressure. She is doing things very thorough and conscientious.

Additional information:

Smokes                  No

Vegetarian              No

Driver’s Licence       Yes (car)

Other WG ok           Yes

Single man ok         Only with children

Single woman ok      Yes

English level            Good