Eva from Spain (53166) September

Agriculture | Year of birth: 1993 | Arrival date: 15.09.2017 | Length of stay: 6 months

Eva 53166Experience:

Eva is a veterinarian, so she has a lot of experience with animals in farms. She has also done an Erasmus exchange for one year in Czech Republic and 2 months in Malta, so she has experience in living abroad.


All of her life Eva has wanted to go to Norway to see how people live and specially in farms. She really likes Norway and she thinks it would be an incredible experience living around nature. Also, she would like to gain a lot of work experience for her future laboral career.

Personal qualities:

Eva can deal with any kind of person and she do not have problem working with the hands in-house or outside in the farm. She is a really social person, so she love to meet people, especially from other cultures.

Additional information:

Smokes: No

Vegetarian: No

Driver’s Licence: Yes, for car

Would accept to stay with other WG: Yes

Would accept to stay with single man: Yes

Would accept to stay with single woman: Yes

English level: Good