Trainee in agriculture

Explore Norway from the inside! If you are studying agriculture or a similar field you can have your practice in Norway and learn about Norwegian culture and customs at the same time.

We require all participants to apply through one of our partner organizations. For more information about application procedures, please send an e-mail to:

What is a Norway Trainee?

Trainees must be between the ages of 18-30 and must be enrolled as university level agricultural/horticultural students of a relevant field and have prior, relevant agricultural/horticultural experience. A trainee must be enrolled at one of the universities that Atlantis cooperates with (or have graduated a maximum of one semester prior to the commencement of their training). As a Trainee you will live with a host family who own a particular agriculture, horticulture fishery business and take part in the daily work there. The host will provide you with cultural, theoretical and practical training over the duration your stay to teach you more about the work that you are engaged in. It is essential that you are motivated for all componants of the programme and not only working as much as possible. You can apply for a placement from anywhere between 2 – 12 months.

The Educational Component

This is aimed to give you a complete picture of how the business is being run, both in theory and practice. The specific content of the theoretical programme and the practical work programme will depend on the host/company production. A copy of this programme should be received prior to coming to Norway.

The Cultural Component

Through living in Norway and interacting with Norwegian people you will learn more about Norwegian customs and way of life. You may be offered excursions and trips throughout Norway as part of your educational programme and are also encouraged to take the initiative to arrange trips and cultural activities in their spare time. Atlantis holds regular social meetings for all trainees in Norway, giving you the opportunity to visit Oslo and meet other international trainees (the inivitations or these are sent out via the e-mail address on your application form, so please ensure it is clearly written).