Barbara from Germany (53237)

Born: 1999 | Start date: September-October | Length of stay: 6-12 months | Preferred area: No preference | Driving license: Yes | Age group: 3-11 years old


I am babysitting the child of an acquainted family for more than one year. He is 3 years old and I go to the playground with him and put him to bed. I am also part of a team for professional childcare. Children at age of 6 to 12 are joining in this program during vacations. We are responsible for the whole group during this time. Another experience is the weekly meeting with the altar boys and girls of our parish. I’m leading a group of 14 children at the age of 11 and 12 together with my friend. Additionally I helped looking after younger children of a choir in my town. I often cook for my family, cleaning the flat and doing the laundry.


I love kids and love it to spend time with them. For me it is one of the greatest things to see a child smiling and being happy. My sister inspired me to become an Au Pair because she was one 5 years ago in Canada and when I visited her I knew this would be something I want to do after finishing the college.
I choose Norway because I know it has a great landscape and I would like to get to know the Norwegian lifestyle and culture. I like their way of bulding houses in a nordish way and the many fjords and lakes.


I like spending time with my friends, baking or cooking and sewing. If the weather is good, I really like to inline skate. Every day I drive to school by bike. I play the piano and also the violin and taught myself some accords on the guitar. Furthermore I like doing ball sports like handball or football and I’m doing yoga since March. Being part of the band in our youth church is a very good thing to connect playing the piano, singing and doing something for our parish.

Additional information:

Smokes: No

Dietary restrictions: Lactose intolerant

Would stay with single mother: Yes

Would stay with single dad: Yes

English level: Upper intermediate