Ana Catarina from Portugal (52654) September, October, November 2017

Agriculture/Tourism | Year of birth: 1987 | Arrival date: 15.09.-15.11.2017 | Length of stay: 6 months


Ana Catarina has experience in Agriculture and Hospitality. She has experience working in a farm with some animals like ducks, chicken, pigs and horses. In agriculture she has experience picking up cherries, oranges, apples and lemons along with harvesting some tomatoes, cabbage, peppers and potatoes. She also have been renting apartments to tourists and worked in different departments. Ana Catarina also has a masters degree in veterinary medicine and in business administration.


Norway is an amazing country which she always loved and she hopes to visit and know as much as she can about the culture and habits. She wants to see other business realities and develop new skills such as learn a bit of the language and see another point of view about running a business. She wants to know new people and see the amazing landscapes of Norway.

Personal qualities:

Ana Catarina already lived abroad so she is used to multicultural environments and to easily adapt to new situations. She is very flexible, open minded and hard worker. She is young and motivated to help the best she can.

Additional information:

Smokes: No
Vegetarian: No
Driver’s Licence: Yes, for car
Would accept to stay with other WG: Yes
Would accept to stay with single man: Only with kids
Would accept to stay with single woman: Yes
English level: Intermediate