Alicia from Germany (53018)

Born: 1998 | Start date: 1st of August | Length of stay: 12 months | Preferred area: no preferences | Driving license: Yes, since October 2016 | Age group: 3 years and older


I  worked as a tutor in our school, helping 5th graders (10 years old) with their homework. I also had to keep them entertained at afternoon by playing games or doing activities outside. I’m  currently working as a swimming  trainer for younger children ( 3  to 8 years old), helping them to learn how to swim or to improve their skills.

I’m also helping students ( 10 years old) who struggle with teaming to understand the things they learned  in  school better andhelp them to Improve their skills and grades.


My motivation to become an au pair is basedon the run t hadandhave while wor1dng with children. Since I want to study Nordic Philology and German as secand language to become a teacher. In Norway, this seemed to be the best choice for me. My family traveled to Norway before and l fell in lovewith the nature and the people. I think living with a Norwegian family will give me the best impressionsof the Norwegian lifestyle and will be a lot of fun!


You can hardly find me without a camera in my hands. I love to take pictures of nature or to take snapshots of the daily life. I’m very creative and I paint and draw a lot. I also like to write stories or to read. Spending time with friends and family is very important to me and we often do activities like skiing or hiking together. But sometimes it’s the best thing to just stay at home and do movie nights or game evenings.

Additional information:

Smokes: No

Dietary restrictions: None

Would stay with single mother: Yes

Would stay with single dad: No

English level: B2/ Excellent